Watermark Place

Watermark Place is set right on the River Thames close to the heart of the Financial District of London. It offers 12 storeys of high quality office space. This development boasts the largest public riverside area in the city, being host to multiple cafes, bars and restaurants.

Sustainability and maintaining the vast heritage of the site were key fundamentals during the construction for the Main Contractor.The building went on to win the London Civil Engineers Merit Award 2009 for its minimal impact on the environment.

Clear Line was appointed as façade installer on the project. The project consisted of four interlinked individual buildings. There were a number of different curtain wall systems used including; double skin façades, atria glazing and customised wooden brise soleil louvers. The sun shades were made of special Canadian Cedar and were required to be handled with the utmost care in order not to stain or damage them in anyway before installation.

The inspiration for the cladding was taken from the location and the Architects vision of keeping the maritime theme throughout. The mottled cladding was devised by using a computer fragmentation of water images. A specialist glass was then used to create colour to the outside of the building by reflecting its surroundings. The sophisticated glass also helped to shade and thermally protect the interior of the building. All of this was possible without compromising the spectacular riverside views.

There were many technical challenges: some panels were 8 metres long and installation of the internal cladding for the Fire Station building had significant access issues. Clear Line solved this by designing bespoke access and lifting solutions. To get the materials in the correct position for fixing involved hoisting them down the entire length of the facade. They were then lifted near to the elevation with the tower crane and a vacuum lifter was attached to the inside of the unit. The vacuum lifter was suspended from a chain block via a temporary suspension plate within the building. This was then manipulated along the elevation into its final install position ready to be fixed in place. Approximately 20 panels were installed via this method.

The entire installation process was lengthy but was completed successfully, on time and to programme.

Clear Line is an experienced façade installer and can offer entire building envelope solutions across the nation.

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Architects Impression

One New Change, London

One New Change is located in Central London and offers a mixed occupancy of offices space, shops, cafes and restaurants. The building itself covers eight floors with retail units on the lower three and offices occupying the top four floors. The centre of the building boasts a panoramic lift which gives customers a chance to admire the views over St Paul’s Dome.

The building is unique because, although it is a large structure, it is unobtrusive in the large arena of London City. The architect Jean Nouvel designed the building orientated around St Paul’s Cathedral so not to distract from the ancient architecture of the City. This was achieved with a unique glazing envelope which allows natural reflection of the surrounding granite and stone surfaces. It is a wonderful example of using the City centre space to benefit all and showcase the London spectacles.

Clear Line was involved in building this impressive structure as the appointed facade installers. The facade is split into three sections; the steel facade on the lower floors, vertical unitised aluminium cladding panels from the second floor up and the glazed roof. Clear Line was appointed to install the low level steel structure as well as the vertical unitised cladding.

The installation process was lengthy and specialist materials were used and shipped on a just in time basis from Germany. The glass was coated in a solar control film which limits the heat gain and therefore significantly lowers the cooling costs in the warmer months, the bespoke design has allowed for maximum heat retention throughout the cooler months.

Clear Line are experienced facade installers and can also offer building envelope solutions.

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glazing system

Business Design Centre, Islington

The Business Design Centre was built in the 1860’s and is now a Grade II listed building. It has been many things over the years, including the Royal Agricultural Hall, or rather ‘The Aggie’ to the locals, as well as a parcel distribution office during WWII, and now stands as the Business Design Centre holding exhibitions throughout the year from graduate fairs and careers fairs to media design conferences and art exhibitions.

CLM were appointed as Principal Contractor to refurbish and upgrade the gable ends of the faςade both aesthetically and in thermal performance. This was achieved by using a double glazed thermally insulated Schuco FWS50+ curtain wall system. As Principal Contractor our duties under current legislation included production of a Construction Phase Health and Safety Plan, Site Waste Management Plan, both to be approved by the delegated CDM-Coordinator. As part of our Principal Contractor responsibilities we also provided office and welfare facilities. Our detailed planning ensured that over 75% of the materials removed from the existing faςade were recycled.

A large fixed tube and fitting scaffold was erected to the internal and external face of the faςade allowing access to the gable ends, the old GRP corrugated panels were removed along with all the existing guttering system, and replaced with the new curtain wall screens, gutter and drainage system. New structural steel cantilever beams were designed, fabricated, installed and tested, these were welded to the main steel support columns to hold the weight of the new screens. The original barrel vaulted roof construction is now enhanced by the glazed gables which, in turn brings swathes of daylight into the exhibition centre. The light however can be measured by means of the electrically operated remote controlled blinds that have been installed to the faςade, furthermore actuated louvers were also installed to the gable ends to aid building ventilation.

It was important for the client that the centre remained in full operation while works were completed. For this reason a large printed screen was set up surrounding the internal and external scaffold as well as full exclusion zones inside the centre (in order to ensure the health and safety of the public was maintained at all times). Our project team worked closely with the centre management to ensure that the disruption of the works had minimal impact on the centres daily operations and client requirements.

Queensgate Shopping Centre, Peterborough

CLM were appointed as the Principal Contractor and supplied the welfare facilities and Preliminary items required to undertake the complete works. The works commenced with the erection of  a large temporary scaffold roof covers and access decking with safety crash decks and safety nets, which were directly installed and managed by Clear Line operatives. These scaffold and safety net measures enabled the safe removal of 11 Patent glazed steel structures from above the “live” shopping centre at Queensgate where the public continues to shop directly below. The old roof light materials were safely removed and responsibly disposed of, including asbestos.

The new roof lights were designed and procured by Clear Line . They consisted of new steel supporting framework which supported a new aluminium curtain walling frame (Schuco FW50+) via purpose designed brackets.  Within the framework and glazed into position were new double glazed glass units, composite knuckle corner panels, powered glass & weather vents and various folded sheets and pressed metal components, skirting’s/cills & EPDM. There were bespoke gutters, condensation channels and cable conduits installed to complete the works. The project spanned a total of 1044m².

The vents are connected to the centres Building Maintenance System, meeting specific air volume flow rates & operational requirements requested during the tender process. Special smoke sensing detectors are installed within the rooflights and are additionally connected to the Building Maintenance System.

All of the above was carried out under the watchful eye of NET Project Management who were the façade consultant on the project.

Phase 1 was completed in February 2013 (6 roof lights) and phase 2 (5 roof lights) is expected to complete around August 2013.

Top of red smoke screen

Southmead Hospital Redevelopment Project, Bristol

Southmead Hospital Redevelopment Project has received £430m worth of funding. It incorporates  the largest fire screens in the UK at around 5000m² and up to five stories high.

Clear Line were appointed to design, supply and install the fire rated steel curtain walling, fire rated glass, balcony balustrades and fire rated roller curtains. We worked closely with expert collaborators to provide this package on time and to budget.

The architects desired contemporary look was achieved with a variety of coloured glass panels built into the façade. The colours used were selected from a vast range of sample panels and along with all other materials included in the detailed purchase order schedule for delivery to site on a just in time basis. Thus avoiding unnecessary storage space and reduce the risk of site damage.

The management of the project was undertaken on several levels. Head Office Design and Procurement and on site Project and Installation Management. These activities were all overseen by a Clear Line Director to ensure the project was completed on time and on budget

painted cladding panels

Southfields Community College, London

Clear Line have been appointed by our Client to increase the thermal performance of the window system and add a cladding system to upgrade the old building aesthetics to match the new build element of the complex.

We have worked closely with the Client and suppliers to design bespoke cill  pressings and a purpose made aluminium bead. These will be paired with new double glazed units to achieve an overall U value of 1.1 ultimately increasing the thermal performance of the window systems.

Trespa panels will be supplied and fixed onto the concrete  using ‘Z’ angles and bolts. This will then upgrade the original building to meet the visual aspects of the new building on the complex.

Health and Safety has been critical on this project due to the community college being occupied throughout the duration of the works. All operatives on site are required to have a full CRB check in place before commencing on site. Special provisions have been necessary for delivery of materials, as the only access to site is directly through the yard of the new build community college.

Sizewell ‘A’ Roof Refurbishment, Suffolk

Clear Line worked with our Client to install a new flat roof to the upper turbine hall at Sizewell Nuclear Power Plant.

An IKO roofing product was chosen to replace the existing felt material which had failed and was allowing rainwater and other such ingress to all parts of the upper turbine hall roof deck, parapets, gutter and supporting superstructure.

The Health and Safety requirement was of paramount importance to our Client. We are Achilles UVDB accredited which gave the Client the reassurance that we have the highest health and safety and quality systems. All operatives on site were security checked by undergoing the rigorous Disclosure Scotland Procedure.

Endcliffe Village, Sheffield

Endcliffe Student Village was built under a PFI initiative for Sheffield University by a Main Contractor. Our Client have the contract for maintaining and repairing any damage. The village is always occupied by students during term time and strict rules have to be adhered to when on site. The buildings we work on are technically complex with special thermal rated glass and high-quality curtain wall panels.

Under the terms of their contract Lend Lease have strict standards of service to maintain. Depending on the seriousness of any damage they must repair within 4 hours, 10 hours or 10 days. Clear Line can be called out to any element of the building including windows, doors, roofs, gutters and façade failures.

The Client required a specialist supplier who understood the technical element of the work and who was reliable in being able to turn a job around within the deadline. Clear Line set up a supply chain and a planning and scheduling system to ensure we hit the target dates.

We are also involved in some planned maintenance works that are completed onsite such as roof remedials and gutter repairs.  These planned maintenance works take place during the summer months when the buildings are not occupied.

Strata Building, London

Clear Line were appointed to complete the replacement of four glass units which make up part of the unitised façade.

We removed the failed glazing components and installed new structurally bonded units on four different levels of the north and south elevations. The supply of the units proved quite difficult as the previous supplier was outside the EU and were not contactable, therefore Clear Line was required to find the best match possible to existing materials.

The replacement units were pressure fixed, utilising an internal and external pressure plate and tourniquet system to the structural silicone which required 21 days to cure. A return visit was then made to ensure the units were fully bonded and to remove the internal and external pressure fixings.

As the replacements being completed were high rise we used the insitu BMU cradle and auxiliary hoist. A four in line woods vacuum lifter was used to manoeuvre the pieces of glass into place along with the hoist.

All operatives working on site were trained for working at heights and all received full BMU and hoist training.